On the 5th of August Peter Cowie sat down for a one on one Q&A session with Roger Binks in the seventh episode of ‘The Now & The Next’.

The pair discussed the changes, opportunities and challenges the retail industry is facing, business innovation taking place as a result of the pandemic and how Roger found and created work, including launching a new venture, after finding himself redundant after 20 years of continuous employment.

Previously working for the likes of Dixons, Marriott, Regus (IWG) and Intu, Roger gave an insight into dealing with redundancy and how it inspired him to lead his latest venture: BINKS – his consultancy that builds bespoke solutions to connect experience with value.

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Roger has been our client for more than 5 years. In that time, I have got to know him very well. He has been a first-class representative of the company he worked for. He is incredibly effective at getting things done - within his organisation and with his suppliers/partners. He is very innovative and forward-looking. But he is careful with these ideas too - data-driven and proof of claim are very important to him. He is also on top of all the detail to ensure the best terms, and that such terms make sense for both sides and therefore can be delivered. He is always willing to help his suppliers/partners and generates a great deal of goodwill in return. We could not have wished for a better and more dynamic client, and therefore went out of our way to help him with his organisation’s goals and objectives. On top of all this, he’s also a great human-being with the utmost integrity and is someone you have complete trust in. - Ian Hobson, Managing Director, ChargeBox UK LTD

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