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The key to successful marketing is to first accept that it is not part of sales and that marketing delivered well is grounded in strategy, which drives long term value and ultimately commercial success.

Our approach to Marketing strategy is firstly to treat the cost of marketing as an investment and secondly to build a plan for your market that contains the essential building blocks of strategy: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning.


Do you want to review your marketing activity and approach but don’t really know where to start?

Many companies review marketing annually during the budget setting process. This makes the task financially led, not opportunity led. At BINKS we will assess your current marketing approach and set up, identify opportunities to drive results and suggest costed alternatives that will deliver additional value for your business. We can even help you implement the changes. We are able to work within your teams to ensure that your people are trained, focussed and energised when our job is done.

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What Return on Marketing Investment are you getting?

We are specialists in connecting marketing investment with commercial returns. Knowing what works, why and where is essential for future marketing investment. Our skills cover all aspects of marketing, so if its direct response activity or long term brand building we can help you connect your investment to commercial returns. We believe in zero based budgeting - which means all investments have to justify themselves commercially against your objectives. Better still we can ensure that your ROMI [Return on marketing investment] and new budgeting process is embedded in your business to guide your future decision making. Let us help you make marketing work harder and drive value for your business.

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How do you integrate your marketing plans in to your business strategy?

Marketing is a core part of business planning. We have years of experience of working across business in multiple sectors, to ensure that the writing of a marketing plan is an integral part of setting your company business strategy. So often mis-alignment of strategy and objectives leave essential decisions about people structures, training, ways of working and targets disconnected from the core company plans, this can lead to a number of sub-optimal outcomes which will likely be detrimental to your business. We can share our experience and work up the right approach for you and your business.

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Roger is a gifted marketing professional with a rare combination of commercial, interpersonal, and leadership skills. As a business consultant, I come across many CMO and Marketing Directors. when it comes to vision and data-driven marketing Roger is one of the best I've met. He is leading the program of transforming his organization into an analytics-driven organization which I am telling you in retail is not an easy task. What I appreciate most is how reliable and responsive he is and how he tries all the time to extract maximum value for his organization from the work we deliver. - Mohamad Elfarra, Global Strategic Marketing Consultant

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